RCP Toolbox Overview
This project is the opensource verion of RCP Toolbox that provides custom widgets, composites and other helpful classes to be used when developing Eclipse
SWT, JFace or RCP applications.
The commercial version adds a Validation Framework and Developer’s Guide as extra features.
On the left you can see some of the widgets we currently have available, but for the full list go to the downloads page and try it out. We are planning to add new widgets regularly.
We also have an Eclipse RCP plugin available that wraps our toolbox library, as well as a RCP Toolbox Samples plugin, which can be run as a RCP Application and demonstrates all the different widgets.
The code is compatible with Eclipse 3.3, but most of the widgets should still run with Eclipse 3.2 as well.
Any feedback is welcome; please visit the project page for this on Sourceforge.net.
Thanks to Polymorph Systems Products for the support and development time they are putting into this project.
What is RCP Toolbox?
Name: RCP Toolbox  
Version: 0.4  
For Eclipse: 3.3 (& 3.2)
Webstartable Demos:
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